Handle Voice Recognition Error 1.0

Learn how you can dismiss the voice recognition error screen so you can try again

  1. joaomgcd

    In this project you'll use AutoInput to detect if the voice recognition error popup shows up, and when it does you press back to make it disappear.

    In the example task, you start voice recognition and if there is no result, you start it again.

    So, in practical terms what happens is
    • you start voice recognition
    • nothing is recognized
    • errror screen shows up
    • AutoInput profile detects that and presses back
    • in the AutoVoice task it checks that nothing has been recognized and starts recognition again
    if something is recognized it'll finish the task and show a flash with whatever you said.

Recent Reviews

  1. puredp
    Version: 1.0
    Great what i needed!!!