Hide XDA Navigation Gestures NavBar While Typing 1.0

Automatically hide XDA's Navigation Gestures NavBar completely when typing

  1. crepusculi
    Hello all.

    Just a short project today. After XDA released their Navigation Gestures app, I fell in love with the app. After a few updates, it works pretty well, but i still had problems with it when typing. I really didn't like the bar above the keyboard, or below it (really on the space bar).

    After joaomgcd updated Tasker with Immersive Mode ability, I whipped up a quick profile. Now, whenever I am typing, the navbar is automatically hidden, and reappears after I leave the input field. The nice thing about this is the navbar is hidden completely, not just compressed.

    Prerequisites: You will need to have Tasker minimum version 5.2, AutoInput, and obviously, XDA's Navigation Gestures.

    N.B. When describing the configuration of any actions, if I don't mention a field, leave it at its default value.

    This project consists of a single profile, called "Hide NavBar While Typing."

    The context it will fire on is an AutoInput event, specifically Input Element Focused/Lost.

    Code (Text):
    Event: AutoInput UI Action [ Configuration:Action Types: Input Element Focused,Input Element Focus Lost ]
    This will grab the "%aifocus" variable. This is what we will query on for the rest of the profile.

    Code (Text):
    A1: If [ %aifocus ~ true ]
    We will want to activate Immersive Mode, found under the "Display" actions. You will want to do at least "Hide Navigation Bar," if not the nav bar AND the status bar.

    Code (Text):
    A2: Immersive Mode [ Mode:Hide Navigation Bar ]
    Because this profile will fire when entering or leaving an input field, we will set a check for the %aifocus variable that mimics an exit task.

    Code (Text):
    A3: Else

    A4: Immersive Mode [ Mode:Off ]
    And that's it! This will make the XDA navbar automatically hide when you are typing, so it doesn't get in the way! Please let me know if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to answer them!


Recent Reviews

  1. NovaViper
    Version: 1.0
    This really helps alot.. but the only thing that would be a nice tweak is having a little floating button appear to dismiss the keyboard. Some apps (and dialog boxes) do not feature a back button in order to dismiss the keyboard without having the back out of the app/cancel the dialog box.