Interface Panel 1.5.3

Quickly remap Input options with any task. Cycle after 1 use or build situational presets.

  1. John Edens
    Thanks for beta testing this project with me. I built this on a Pixel 2 running Android 9 and the most recent Tasker Beta.

    Very excited to finally publish this!

    What it does: Map any task to any of the 12 offered input triggers, stored in Array "Inputsource(1:12)". Tasker does these things already, but I have built a system that makes it easy to remap on the fly and in a way that hopefully inspires new uses for your tasks. It's simple to send commands through already established projects using the "panel framework" task. Simply set par1 as "Inputsource(1:12)" and par2 as your task name. For example, when you get home or in the car. This allows a simple clean way to manage your presets.

    The panel lets you choose from a list of your tasks, includes a favorites button (long press task to clear), and a input selector. Has a button to copy task name for building projects, or can simply fire the task by long pressing "Set task". The panel itself needs some refinement, I am by no means a graphic designer haha.

    The cycle system allows on the fly remapping without further interruption. The green "1 off" button sets up a cycle, and there are various ways to use it that will take some discovery. For example, Instead of having a timer trigger "bed time", have the timer set your volume up to trigger bedtime, than returns it to normal once you click it.
    I included an example task called track pointer, so show another usage of the cycle system.

    Usage: Task interface panel launches the panel. Double click the new left icon on your nav bar.

    Double click the center icon for a notification listing your configuration.

    Double click the right icon for Tasker's runlog.

    Input options( I.E. shake profile) fire "cycle framework" which runs % Shakeselect1 if set and cycles if % cycleshake~1.

    Create widgets of tasks "interface widget 1-4" if you wish to trigger lap1-4 locally instead of/as well as through Autoremote/Autovoice. They disappear when not set.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime with the feedback email task. Thank you for being apart of this project.

    Built with Recent Beta. Legacy version is disabled and would require only a little editing for the volume long press to work. Message me if you would like details, and I'll work on a release of that version when i find time.

    Future updates will include:

    Better variable name scheme.
    Cleaner Panel Scene.
    Config saver and reader.
    Fab, Bixby, Secondary app options. These are still available by repurposing one of the 12 options. Just have bixby run lap4 and know what you did when setting tasks.

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