Make Google Assistant do stuff on your PC

Use Join to send commands 2 EventGhost on your PC so that you can use Google Assistant to control it

  1. joaomgcd
    Do do stuff on your PC you'll need to
    • Install the Join Chrome Extension or the Windows 10 app
    • follow this tutorial but on step 2 instead of choosing a device that has Tasker, choose one of your Chrome or Windows 10 devices that has EventGhost on the same PC
    • Setup the EventGhost AutoRemote plugin as described here. The AutoRemote plugin will receive messages from Join and allow you to react to them in EventGhost
    • In the Join Chrome Extension or Windows 10 app set the EventGhost port to the same value as the port configured in the EventGhost AutoRemote plugin (default is 1818)
    (i) Chrome Extension EventGhost configuration:
    (i) Windows 10 app EventGhost configuration:
    Now when Chrome receives a command from IFTTT it'll redirect it to EventGhost and you can process it as described here. :cool: