Navigate Remotely 1.0

Send a remote command to start navigating to any place you want

  1. joaomgcd
    This profile will react to a command sent to your device like

    Code (Text):
    Navigate to New York
    where New York can be any location.

    It'll start navigation on Google Maps using the "AutoLocation Map" action in Tasker.

    The profile is very simple. Here's it's description:
    Code (Text):
    Profile: Navigate Remotely (511)
        Event: Join Received Push [ Configuration:Text Filter: Navigate to (?<place>.+) (regex)
    Variable Array: false ]
    Enter: Anon (512)
        A1: Flash [ Text:Navigating to %place Long:Off ]
        A2: AutoLocation Map [ Configuration:Mode: Navigation
    Custom Search: %place Package:com.joaomgcd.autolocation Name:AutoLocation Map Timeout (Seconds):60 ]