NotificationThrottle 1.0

Throttle notification sounds within a time window

  1. ScytaleZero
    Sometimes people start conversing in a messaging app group chat, and the notification sounds are flying fast and furiously. I was wishing that there was a way to have some kind of cool down or throttle, so that I wouldn't be getting constant notification sounds. Lineage OS actually has such a feature but I'm on Android. Using the awesome AutoNotification plugin I created a Tasker project that accomplishes this.

    This is set up for Telegram and Discord, but you can modify that for whichever apps you want to reduce notification sounds. Note that you do need to set the app to be silent in its own preferences. The Tasker project then is the one that actually makes the notification sound but only if a certain amount of time has passed. You can change the time in the global variable which is set in seconds. Opening the app will reset the cooldown.

    There are 2 spots that need to be tweaked if you want to use the profile for something aside from (or other than) Discord/Telegram. You need to Configure the two AutoNotification events apps to be the desired apps and, optionally, add/modify the Play Ringtone actions within the CheckThrottle tasks.