Ok Google Integration

Learn how to use AutoWear directly with "Ok Google" on your watch

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    (i) AutoWear has the ability to directly integrate with "Ok Google" on your watch, but not in a direct way. It cannot directly intercept what you say after "Ok Google" and use that as a voice command. You can however create a workaround so you can use common commands to execute stuff you want in Tasker and on your watch.

    In this example we're going to enable the "Ok google open walk" command and use that to open up google maps on your phone.

    You could use this command to do anything, like opening a custom screen on your watch if you wanted.

    /!\ Because of the way Android works you cannot create your own commands this way. You have to select from a list of pre-defined commands. I have no way of letting you define your own.


    • On your watch go into AutoWear Settings
    • Tap "Launcher Apps"
    • Find "Walk" at the bottom of the list and enable it.
    • Back out of AutoWear Settings
    (i) What this does is enable a new "app" in your wearable launcher called "Walk". This enables you to start that app via a voice command like "Open Walk". The "Open" command varies with your language.


    • Go into your Wear launcher and choose "Start"
    • check that the "Walk" app is now available
    /!\ It can take some seconds for this to become available, so if it isn't immediately available wait 30 seconds and check again


    • In Tasker create a new profile with the "AutoWear Command" event condition
    • In the pre-defined command list select "App Opened Walk"
    • Accept and create a new Task
    • In the task launch Google Maps

    (i) Now when you say "Ok Google Open walk" google maps should show up on your phone!

    (i) If you want you can make a custom screen show up on your watch by setting its "Command to show" to "App Opened Walk". This allows quick access to any screen you want via "Ok Google"
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