Quick Notes 2015-04-17

Location based note taking app

  1. Jfaire
    Here is my note taking app/project. It uses Auto Notification Pro, but still can function (for the most part) with the Lite version.

    *Important! the "app" part of the project is using the "quick notes" task as a shortcut. All other profiles/tasks/scenes are coming out from this one task. So either export the project as an app from tasker pointing to this task, or set this task as a shortcut somewhere in order to use. =)

    There are three ways to take notes via corresponding buttons: 1) HOME; pin tasks to notification drawer when connected to home network - for not wanting to be bothered with notifications about tasks when not at home, eg chores 2) PIN; pins notes/tasks regardless of location 3) OUT; pins notes when not at home - like for remembering work/school stuff.

    The "Home" icon launches a Home Network setup scene

    Also, this project creates the directory Quick Notes with respective tasks directories in it. This was in case you might like to sync these up with an other app like "FolderSync" later on.

    Please edit it as you prefer. Hopefully it works for you, but if you can get it to work better, or look better, please let me know on +g under John Faire. Thanks


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  1. Henkate
    Version: 2015-04-17
    Nice :)
  2. Vampie
    Version: 2015-04-17
    IT's nice. does what it needs to do