Screen On and Unlock Lollipop 1.1

Switch On the Screen and Unlock to home page

  1. juasanri
    Screen on and unlock with secure settings and autoinput.

    Hello, since lollipop I was not able to set the screen on and unlock in a reliable way. If I used my previous task with secure settings or the popup feature of tasker, my phone didn't work properly.
    I wanted this feature to be able to work with autowear so the screen is on before executing a task.

    There are two requirements for this to work: having the unlock screen setting set to swipe and having the tasker monitor icon set to anything that is not transparent (tasker-preferences-monitor)

    Then, what I have done is:
    Set the screen on with secure settings
    With autoinput click the text "tasker" that exists in my lockscreen (it already unlocks the screen, like doing double click on any notification in lollipop)
    Wait 500 ms
    Autoinput final action "home"
    Wait 500 ms

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