Send Downloaded Tasker Tasks To Android Device

Send Tasker tasks downloaded on your pc straight to your android device!

  1. Insanity
    This is an EventGhost macro that will watch a directory (of your choice) for any Tasker task files that you may download (File type: .tsk.xml) If you download any matching file types to the watched directory, it will then send the file directly to the Android device of your choosing.

    This should make it easier for people to download Tasker tasks here from the forum and have them automatically sent to their phone.

    Alone this won't do much, other than simplify the act of downloading a Tasker task to your pc and sending it to your Android device. However, with this as an example. I believe people will be able to come up with pretty creative stuff.

    Note: You could extend this further by creating a Tasker task that executes when AutoRemote receives the file and have it import the ask into Tasker automatically.

    1. Click "Add Plugin" in EventGhost and select Directory Watcher.
    2. Select the directory you want to watch, and make sure Watch Subdirectories is also checked.
    3. Copy the python code below.
      Code (Python):

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      <EventGhost Version="1694">
          <Macro Name="AutoRemote: Send Tasker task files to Android device" Expanded="True">
              <Event Name="DirectoryWatcher.Updated" />
                  EventGhost.PythonScript(u"import os\n\nFileName = ''.join(eg.event.payload)\nFileExtension = FileName[-7:]\nisFolder = os.path.isdir(FileName)\n\nif FileExtension == 'tsk.xml' and isFolder == False:\n    eg.result = FileName\nelse:\n    eg.result = ''")
                  AutoRemote.SendMessage(u'Android Device', u'', u'', u'files', u'', u'', u'', '', u'{eg.result}', u'')
    4. Right click "Configuration Tree" in EventGhost and select paste.
    5. Double click the newely created AutoRemote action.
    6. Set the device you want the task xml file sent to.

    Once you're done with this, the next thing to do is give it a test. Download a task somewhere such as this one:

    If your browser downloads the file to the directory that is watched by the directory watcher, then the task file should automatically be sent to your Android device. You'll be able to find the task file within your AutoRemote folder.