Setup reminders with Natural Language 1.0.1

Learn how to use natural language for reminders both on your phone and Google Home

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    After importing this project you'll be able to do something like this:

    This is a full reminder system where you can say something like Remind me to walk the dog in half an hour and after 30 minutes it'll create a notification reminding you to walk the dog.

    If you have a Google Home and create the reminder from it like for example Hey Google ask AutoVoice to remind me to buy some groceries at 2 PM, at 2PM you'll get both a notification on your Android device and a spoken reminder on your Google Home to buy some groceries.

    Because this is using natural language you can say the command in lots of ways and it should always work. Here are some examples:
    • on the fifth of june remind me to send happy birthday to my cousin
    • I want to workout an hour from now
    • remind me to go shopping -> AutoVoice asks "When do you want to go shopping?" -> you reply "at 5 in the afternoon"
    • remind me to go to work every day this year
    • etc.


    You'll need some initial setup to get this going:
    • Install Tasker (has free trial)
    • Install AutoVoice (has free trial), open it and go to the "Devices" screen to register your device. Also, if using a Google Home enable natural language for it in AutoVoice -> Natural Language -> Commands -> Switch at the bottom of the screen
    • Install AutoNotification (has free trial)
    • Install AutoTools (has free trial)
    • Install AutoCast, open it and go to "Manage Cast Devices" and add your Google Home device
    • Save the attached Tasker profile to your Android device and import it like so:

    • Import both files as shown in this video:

    • In Tasker edit the condition in the Add Reminder With Voice profile and select the Reminder command from the list
    • If you have a Google Home, in Tasker edit the Cast Reminder Task. Edit the AutoCast Speak and AutoCast App actions and choose your Google Home device in both.
    • If you don't have a Google Home disable the step labeled Cast Reminder Contents in the Create Current Notifications task

    How It Works

    If you now say something like
    Code (Text):
    Remind to do something cool in one minute
    this project will
    • create an entry in a JSON database with the reminder
    • schedule a profile to be triggered at the time of the reminder
    After the minute is up it'll
    • read the JSON database and get the reminder details
    • create a notification with the reminder with an option to snooze it
    • if you have a Google Home device and the reminder was set on it, it'll say the reminder out loud on it

    Checking Existing Reminders

    You can also check all pending reminders by running the Check Reminders task.

    You can also customize the project:
    • Customize notifications: edit the Create Current Notifications task and customize the steps labeled as Full Day Notification and Normal Notifications
    • Customize Google Home reminder text: edit the Cast Reminder task and change the text in the AutoCast Speak action
    • Add other ways of notifying: if you want to add more ways to be notified you can do so inside the For loop in the Create Current Notifications task. For example, you could add an action there to say some text out loud with a Say action, or create a notification on your PC with Join


    Here's a video example of the project in action.

    In this video I:
    • created a reminder for 2 minutes in the future
    • Checked my current reminders with the Check Reminders task which creates notifications with the reminders that have a Cancel button
    • Clicked Cancel and the reminder was deleted
    • Created another reminder for 1 minute in the future
    • Waited til it showed up
    • Saw the reminder which has a Snooze button
    • Clicked the Snooze button so that a new reminder with the same text was created for 5 minutes in the future
    • Checked my current reminders again and saw that the notification is due in 4 minutes
    • Dismissed the notification which doesn't delete the reminder

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