Show all temperatures for the next hour in a notification (Merge Arrays)

Learn how can merge arrays to easily format hours and temperatures and create a notification

  1. joaomgcd
    In 5 easy steps you'll be able to:
    • Get the hourly forecast for your location
    • Properly format the forecast times
    • Properly format the forecast temperatures
    • Create a variable with a correctly formatted forecast
    • Create a notification with the forecast


    • Add an AutoWeb action
    • Use the DarkSky API
    • Use the Hourly API action
    • Select Output then Fields To Get and select the Time and Temperature fields
    • Make sure Coords are set to %LOCN to use your current location
    • Set Language to English and choose your units
    • Accept and go back to Tasker
    • Add a Get Location action with the source Net as the first step in the task to update your location.
    • Add a flash action to confirm that the variables are correctly populated
    • Run the task and notice how you get times in seconds and temperatures with decimals


    • Add an AutoTools Time action
    • Set Dates to Format to %time()
    • Set Format to HH:mm or whatever format you want the times to appear in
    • Enable Use Seconds (because the DarkSky API outputs the time in seconds)
    • Add an Array Set and set it to overwrite the %time array with the formatted dates from AutoTools (%atformatteddate())
    • Accept, go back to Tasker, move the flash action to the last positions and run the task again. Check that the times are now formatted correctly.


    • Add an AutoTools Text action
    • Set Text to %temperature()
    • Set Variable Name to temperature()
    • Enable Format Numbers and set Number Format to ##º. This will get rid of the decimals and append º to each temperature
    • Accept, go back to Tasker, move the flash action to the last positions and run the task again. Check that the temperatures are now formatted correctly.


    • Add an AutoTools Arrays action
    • Set the Input Arrays to %time()|%temperature()
    • Enable the Merge Arrays option under the Merge menu
    • Set the Merged Array Name to timesandtemps
    • Set the Merged Array Joiner to -
    • Set the Join Merged Arrays to a single new line character (press Enter on your keyboard)
    • Accept, go back to Tasker, move the flash action to the last position, set its text to %timesandtemps and run the task again. Check that you get a list of times and temperatures
    (i) If you have any questions about what was done here please refer to the AutoTools Arrays Guide's Merging Section.


    • Add a new AutoNotification action
    • Set the title to Hourly Weather
    • Set the text to %timesandtemps
    • (Not In the video) Set the Status Bar Icon Manual value to %temperature1 so that the notification shows the first temperature right in the notification icon :D
    • Go back to Tasker, disable the Flash action and run the Task to make the notification appear

    You can now know the time for the next hours very easily! :cool:
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