Snapshot photo 1.01

Display a photo, taken with Tasker via AutoNotification

  1. Rob van Brunschot

    I made a small project of one task and one profile in which you display the last photo taken via Tasker, this photo is displayed as a notification as 'Big picture'.
    1. First the Task 'Take Photo' will shoot a picture as a snapshot.
      Via several ways you can start this task.
      A unique sequence number will be generated and keeps your photo filenames unqiue in the format tasker_####.jpg.
    2. Then this photo will be shown in your notification area where you can interact with it via the profile 'Photo Notifications'
    3. the interactions are:
      • Tap the photo to view the photo in full.
      • Tap the disk icon to add the photo in DCIM/... location, when active he will also be saved to the cloud. The notification is then removed.
      • Tap the Delete bin icon to delete the photo without adding him to DCIM/. The notification is also removed.
      • Tap the share icon to share the photo via one of your available apps.
    I hope this can be handy ...

    Dd 31-01-2016: Updated to version 1.01
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  1. mtneerndixie
    Version: 1.01
    Great task. Thank you for sharing!