Spotify - Swipe to Change Music track 1.0

Webscreen allowing the user to change track in Spotify by swiping the screen.

  1. Old Bear
    A user on João's AutoApps Community needed a solution to change music tracks while driving. Why not just use a simple box the user can swipe.

    Requires AutoTools 2.0:

    An example of how it may look:


    This is a simple AutoTools WebScreen that allows the user to change track in Spotify by simply swiping Left (for Previous track), or Right (for Next track).

    The user simply needs to start the 'Spotify Swipe' Task when they require it, e.g. by adding it to a Profile for when Spotify, or Maps, etc. starts.

    Don't forget to add a profile/task to remove it when finished. :)

    The WebScreen can be adjusted to be used with whatever music program the user wishes. I use it with GoneMad Music Player; my wife with Play Music. This can be achieved by changing the actions for 'Left' and 'Right' in the Spotify Swipe Commands Profile Task.

    In the example shown above, and in the task in the Project, the border has been left with a 1 pixel coloured border; this is merely to allow the user to see the swipe area while fine-tuning the webscreen for their own preferred setup, i.e. height, width, position on screen, etc. These can be changed in the Spotify Swipe Web Screen Task.

    Once you have the area set to how you want it, the border radius can be set to 0; then the swipe area is totally invisible. Please note: the overlay will not allow tapping screen items beneath it, so be sure to place it carefully.


    Please note: Being in the UK, I am actually not allowed to use something like this when driving; being caught even 'touching' your phone while driving can result in a £1000 fine, so please only use this for driving if your country's driving laws allow it.

Recent Reviews

  1. Laural Hill
    Laural Hill
    Version: 1.0
    Works as advertised. Would be great if the artist and track would be displayed for passengers!