Start Hangout From Watch 1.0

Start a conversation in the hangouts app from your watch. No more "just reply" limitations!

  1. joaomgcd

    /!\ This will only work if your phone/tablet does not have lock screen security. It'll still work if your lock screen is set to "Swipe", but not if it has a pin or other security measures.
    • After importing this project into Tasker you can say "Send message to some name", where "some name" is the name of a contact in your contact list
    • If you have any trouble getting voice recognition to match any of your contacts, you can give a contact a nickname by adding it in the Contacts app, then refreshing AutoContact's contacts.

Recent Reviews

  1. xxTheGoDxx
    Version: 1.0
    Works fantastic, now do the same with Whatsapp, please :-)
  2. Mart de Graaf
    Mart de Graaf
    Version: 1.0
    it solves one of the biggest reasons to not buy a smartwatch. Good job.