Start Timer with Floating Icon

Create a timer on your watch by tapping a floating icon

  1. joaomgcd
    This will execute directly on your watch. No Tasker configuration is even needed for this to work, making it nearly instant because it doesn't need to communicate with your phone at all.

    /!\If you want to make sure that you never lose an AutoWear element it's always best to create a task in Tasker do manage it. If you delete the elements created in this project, they're gone forever. If you create a task in Tasker that creates these instead, you can always re-create them when needed. It's up to you to decide how you want to manage this.


    We'll start by creating an action that will start the timer. Later we're going to trigger this action with a floating icon tap
    • In AutoWear, go to "Manage App Actions"
    • Add an App action with the + sign
    • In the "Launch System App" field, select "Set Timer"
    • Set "Timer Seconds" to 5
    • Go to "Advanced"
    • In the "Command to Execute" field write "timer 5 seconds"
    (i) By setting this field we're saying that we want this action to trigger whenever the "timer 5 seconds" command is sent by AutoWear. This command can be sent by tapping an icon, a notification, custom screen, voice command, etc. This is how you make something execute directly on the watch.
    • Uncheck the "Execute Now" option
    (i) This is just so that the timer doesn't start when you accept these settings. If you left it checked, a 5 second timer would be started as soon as you left this configuration screen
    • Accept all settings and go back to AutoWear


    • In AutoWear go to the "Manage Floating Icons" screen and create an icon
    • Set the icon image
    • In the "Tap" field write "timer 5 seconds" (which is the same command that creates the App action you configured before)
    • Accept these settings. The icon should now be created on your wearable device
    Tap the floating icon and the timer should now be created. After 5 seconds your watch will start to vibrate and the timer screen will show up.