Sync DND Across Your Android Devices 2019-10-21

Learn how you sync your DND setting across all your devices so they are all in the same mode

  1. joaomgcd
    This will look like this:

    Simply import the project and whenever you change the DND mode on one device, it'll change the setting on all of your other devices automatically.

    • Monitor And Sync Dnd: will react to the changes of the DnD setting on your phone (the Global zen_mode setting). When it changes, it'll send a Join message to all your Android devices with the format dnd=:=DND_MODE
    • When Received From Other Change: will disable monitoring temporarily and then change the DND mode depending on what DND mode was received in the command. DND Monitoring will resume after 3 seconds. Monitoring is stopped because otherwise the first profile above would detect the change and send it back to the other phones as well, which is unwanted.
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