Tinder Auto Like 1.0

It spams "likes" on Tinder.

  1. ST41NS
    IMPORTANT: Rename the downloaded file to Tinder.prj.xml so that Tasker can correctly import it.

    Here is a simple script I made for the lols.

    First create a 2 Event Profiles.
    1. Display Off (Stop the Task)
    - Stop Task - "Script : Spam"
    2. Display Unlocked (Toggle the Main Profile)
    - Profile Status - "App : Tinder" Set Toggle

    Now create the Application Profile "Tinder"
    1. Flash Text "Ready"
    2. Wait "5 seconds"
    3. AutoInput Action "Type: Point / 494,1196 / Action: Click
    4. Wait "500 MS"
    5. Goto "Type Action Number 3"

    Note: You can adjust the delay between "swipes" on Action Number 4