Turn on bedroom light with AutoWear Events

This will toggle a light with events on your watch, like a shake, screen on or off, etc

  1. joaomgcd
    Please follow the "Turn on bedroom light with voice command" tutorial before trying to complete this one because you'll be using the same Tasker profile to react to the AutoWear event in this project.

    /!\ To react to screen on and off events you need to enable the option to send these events in the "AutoWear Settings" app on your watch.

    /!\ You can replace the action to toggle the light here with any action you like. The main purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to react to the command, not exactly what you do with it :)


    (i) You'll be using the same task you used in the voice command project, so let's name the task so we can re-use it in this project as well.

    • Long-click the previously created task
    • Select "Name"
    • Name it "Toggle Bedroom Light"
    • Accept the name


    • Add an "AutoWear Command" condition
    • Select the "Shake" event from the list of pre-defined events
    (i) Notice that there are lots of events you can react to. You can toggle the light or do anything else by reacting to any of those events
    • Accept the AutoWear settings
    • Select the "Toggle Bedroom Light" Task to be ran when this event is triggered
    (i) Now when you shake your watch, the light should toggle
    /!\ You probably also have a voice screen that comes up with a shake. You can make the voice screen only show up during the day and make the shake toggle the light only at night for example. To manage this use the "AutoWear App" action in Tasker to disable or enable the voice screen when needed.