Uber Price Estimate 1.0

Get Uber Price estimate to destinations of your choosing

  1. Patrick Mariadass
    At the end of this tutorial you'll be able to do something like this:

    1. Add AutoLocation Location task to detect current location
      • Retrieve first location: True
      • Update Type: High Accuracy
      • Latitude stored as %allatitude
      • Longitude stored as %allongitude
    2. Add Snackbar plugin to select location you want to go to (For preset destination, dynamic locations can be done here with a few added steps after)

    3. Set variables %endlat and %endlong to latitude and longitude based on your preset destination (Variable Set %endlat to 5.1294 if %SNACKBAR_COMMAND ~ PRESET DESTINATION[home/work/wherever])

    4. Add AutoWeb Web Service
      • API: Uber
      • API Action: Estimate Price
      • Variables (%product_id(),%prices_estimate(), %surge_multiplier(), %duration(), distance())
    5. Add AutoNotification to display data obtained earlier