Upload file to Google Drive with full remote folder path 1.1.3

This will create the folder for you if needed and upload the file

  1. Made it upload to a folder and keep the original file name is %par2 ends with/

    Now if you end %par2 with a / it'll keep the original file name and send the file with the folder contained in it.
  2. Added a return action after uploading file so that other tasks can access the file's Id

    Now, when a file is uploaded the file id will be returned so other tasks like the one here can use it for other purposes.
  3. Uploaded correct version

    Last update didn't get correct version of the XML :p
  4. Added return action in "Create Drive File"

    The Create Drive File action will now return the uploaded file's Google Drive ID so that you can do other stuff with it like getting more metadata on the file for example.