Use Natural Language to post a tweet using IFTTT

Using AutoVoice IFTTT integration post a tweet using a natural language voice command

  1. joaomgcd
    After this simple tutorial is done you will able to say

    post a tweet with hello there

    and a tweet will be posted with the test hello there

    Make sure to first set your IFTTT Maker URL as described here in the How to get started section.


    • Open AutoVoice
    • Go into Natural Language -> Commands
    • Add a new command
    • Set the command to post a tweet with $text
    • Set the response to ok posting tweet with $text
    • Make sure that the text variable type is set to @any (it should be by default)
    • Accept the command and make sure you set the action to tweet


    • Go to
    • Click on your account name on the top right -> New Applet
    • Click on the big this
    • Select the Maker Webhooks channel (IFTTT renamed it from just Maker as shown in the video)
    • Select the Receive a web request trigger
    • Set the Event Name to tweet
    (i) The Event Name on IFTTT should be the same as the Action in the Natural Language command you created before. Make sure they are both tweet in this example
    • Click Create Trigger
    • Click the big that link
    • Choose Twitter
    • Choose the Post a tweet action
    • Set the Tweet text to the value1 ingredient by selecting it from the list
    (i) The value1 ingredient on IFTTT will be set to the text variable from the natural language command. If there were other variables in the command they would be set to value2 and value3 if needed.
    • Click Create Action
    • Click Finish

    If you now say a command like post a tweet with this is awesome then AutoVoice will send a Maker Event to IFTTT with the Event Name tweet and with the value1 ingredient set to this is awesome, making IFTTT post a tweet for you with the text this is awesome :cool: