Vibrate / action on meeting start, end , in/out mode 1.0

if you want to run action when you are in meetings - this is the project for you

  1. nirmelamoud
    This project allows you to add actions in 4 different tasks
    1. inMeeting - will run when you enter a meeting that is not all day meeting and marked for busy, between certain hours (biz hours) - My action is to switch the phone to vibrate mode. (if you have back to back meetings or conflicting meeting it won't matter, inMeeting will run only once, when you start meeting mode)
    2.outMeeting - will run when you are out of meeting mode, (if you have back to back meetings or conflicting meetings it won't matter, outMeeting will run only once, when you end meeting mode - I used it to switch the phone back to ring mode
    3.meetingStarted - will run every time a meeting start, so if you have a meeting between 9-10 and one between 9:30-9:45 it will run twice for 9 with the 9 meetings and 9:30 for the 9:30 meeting
    4.meetingEnded - will run everytime a meeting end.

    Im using AuotNotification, AutoApps and Calendar Task plugin

    the one bug I have, any advice on how to fix it is welcome, is that CalendarTask plugin is not working well when a meeting has a "'," inn its title