Voice Replier: Snooze, Reply or Dimiss 2017-09-11

Learn how to create a basic natural language voice replier with AutoVoice and AutoNotification

  1. joaomgcd
    This Tasker project allows you to snooze, dismiss and reply to WhatsApp messages from 1 contact, all with your voice.
    This is how it looks like when using it:

    You can download the attached project to get started.
    To use this you'll also need to import these 4 natural language intents:
    You can import them by going into the main AutoVoice app -> Natural Language -> Commands -> Add -> Import -> Remote and setting each of the URLs of the files.
    Some more info:
    • The project will only intercept messages from João Dias. Obviously you'll want to change that ;) In the profile's condition, change the Notification Title filter to any other name, or remove it altogether to use this with all contacts
    • On Action 2, in the task, AutoVoice will set the natural language context to newmessage so that the command you say next is interpreted as being a command related to a new arriving message
    • On Action 6, a JSON Read is made because when you want to snooze a notification you indicate a time value and a unit (seconds, minutes, hours). The value and the unit is returned in a single variable in JSON format, so it's read here and then the correct number of seconds is calculated based on the time and unit
    • You can add more actions if you want. Just copy one of the natural language intents above and change the commands and action of the intent. Then add another "Else If" action in the Tasker task for the action.
    Let me know if you have any trouble! :)
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