AutoInput Action error on Screen Off

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    I'm new to all rhis, so I just tried a simple task to turn off the screen and the screen turns off, but after about 15 seconds the screen turns on again. and I get the following notification:

    Autoinput action error
    Couldn't turn off screen because you kept touching it

    I'm definitely not touching it.

    My task description is a follows:
    Screen Off (10)
    A1:Autoinput Screen Off/On
    [Configuration:Screen Off Or On: Turn Off Timeout Seconds(60)]

    I would like the screen to stay off and don't know why it doesn't. Any ideas what the problem is?

    My phone is a Moto g7 Plus that had a stock Android 9 on it which recently got updated with Android 10.

    Edit: This issue is caused by a conflict with a 3rd party app called KinScreen when using the app's motion option. I had to uncheck the option so Screen Off would stay off. The same applies to Tasker's Display>Turn off action
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    Glad you found it! :)
: screen off

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