Tasker Add AUDIO FSK plugin for transfer on audio jack ?

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    Sep 13, 2020
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    Hello everyone, who can add FSK encoder and decoder plugin to tasker for money?

    I want to connect my arduino without additional modules like WIFI or BLUETOOTH.I use a single audio cable for transmitting and receiving. No expensive or harmful radio modules or their radio frequencies.

    There are examples of such a solution in the playmarket and on github, but I am a very weak programmer to do this in less than 10 years by transferring this feature to the tasker.



    And other... Use FSK for search on google play or github

    Perhaps this is already there. I will be grateful for any directions on signal reception through the smartphone's microphone. Signal transmission looks simple, just play the finished mp3 file with FSK modulation and Arduino will understand it.

    But to get a response from arduino and handle it with a phone is still impossible for me using a tasker.

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