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    I use autovera to silence my phone for example when I go to sleep. This worked fine for years. (several different phones/tablets amd android versions).

    Last week I updated my Samsung S8 to the new Android version 9 and autovera doesn't work anymore.

    I use a lot of virtual switches on my vera and with the virtual switch is the problem.
    -My vera is setup in autovera , and the device hast the "golden bell", I also get the toast message when the virtual switch is toggled on my vera.
    -In tasker: Event> plugin>autovera>configuration: I select the device, but the selection "Service" and "variable" is greyed out.
    -When I do the same with another virtual switch ( the same plugin in vera , but different instance) I am able to change the Service and variable.
    -I do see a small difference in the advanced tab on the vera GUI with the virtual switch ( see attachec screenshots) , the only difference I made is the the one which is not working is created much later.

    Please see attached screenshots:
    -Not working 1&2: the virtual switch which is not working
    -Working good 1&2: virtual switch which is working OK
    -screenshots from autovera on androis : one where the service and variable is greyed out and one where the are not greyed out.

    from Vera:
    App id :
    Current Version:
    android: version 9 and deleted-reinstalled the autovera app.

    many thanks for your assistance,

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    Hhmm, did you maybe clone one profile based on the other? That will make it not work unfortunately...

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