AutoVera Android 7.0 Nougat Tasker and AutoVera

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    My phone recently updated to Android 7.0 on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7. I am running Tasker and Autovera and I have a VeraLite. My phone used to be rooted. For some reason when my phone is asleep it puts notifications in long list area but does not put an icon notification in my upper left status bar area. When phone is awake it puts it in upper left status bar area. I prefer to see this icon everytime cuz it is what I was used to? Sprint disabled System UI Tuner on my phone so I don't have flexibility. Is anyone else having this problem and any solutions or explanations why Nougat changed it from Marshmallow ? I received an icon notification everytime asleep or awake. Also showed symbol indicating too many push notification icons in status area and overflow. Help?
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