Multiple AutoApps Android Wear complications from notifications

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    This is one I've been working on for a while. I've got a Long Text complication on my watchface, and I'm automatically populating it with the most recent content from Google Now (and a variety of other sources), my most recent calendar notification, a "Note to Self" sent from my computer with Join, and other sources. It means that any glance at my watch keeps me up to date.
    There's also a series of tasks that can set my own text (sort of a string around the finger) by typing on the phone or by voice on the phone. Tapping on the complication triggers a voice screen on the watch, also setting the text. And there's another task to explicitly clear out the text. If I've set my own text, it doesn't get overwritten automatically until I explicitly clear it. So it serves as a short term reminder.
    Import the project and copy the image file to /sdcard/Tasker/projects/. The image file is because a lot of the icons used aren't really suitable for ambient mode, so I've overridden them with one that's just blank. You'll need to run the "Setup AutoWear Complication" task once manually before tapping on the complication works.
    I'd love to hear feedback and suggestions for other things to add. It relies on AutoWear. As it's set up now, it uses AutoTools for dialog boxes, but those could be replaced with a standard "Variable Query". There's also a profile using Join (the Note to Self from the computer), but that could be disabled if you don't have Join.

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    This is an awesome use of the new complications, thanks for sharing :)
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