AutoGMail Array agtext empty but other variables work fine.

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by Aim eYacht, May 16, 2020.

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    Hi there,

    Love the work, hope you're staying safe and sane. Crazy times, lol.

    Was hoping I could get an idea of what I might be misunderstanding.

    When creating a task, all the variables except for agtext() seem to populate. I'm assuming that agtext() contains the body text from each of the emails it has found.

    I'm trying to pull amazon tracking numbers and have them added to a package tracking app, but I'm stuck since I can't seem to get the email text, which is the only location of the tracking number.

    I searched up the issue and the only mentions I can find is from 2015 and another mentioning that they were having issues with base64 encoding.

    I figured it must be me.

    Does that field require something I might be overlooking or not understanding?

    I'll keep looking in the meantime. Let me know if you need more info.

    That is all, love your work, hope it's been rewarding for you to help so many people.

    Fan for life!

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