AutoBluetooth Assistance with BLE interception / auto unlocking physical lock

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    I have a physical smart lock at our house entrance. The manufacturer has distributed a Mobile application, which is communicating with the lock over BLE. To unlock - the app needs to be launched -> takes 5-6 seconds to initiate the BLE connection -> swipe a Lock icon downwards.

    I initially created a Task to automate this (launch App -> Wait 5-6 sec. -> Swipe with AutoInput). To take this further, I also applied the task to my wife's Samsung Galaxy Watch (with tasks2 which I'm finding to be working only occasionally).

    I felt like this is not the desired outcome, so peeped around and spent some time trying to intercept the Lock's BLE communication with the app. I thought of sending a 'hex' code through 'Bluetooth Serial for Tasker' to 'unlock' (which will obviously require deep analysis of the communication exchange between the App and the Lock), but noticed this plugin is unable to send messages to the Lock's BLE Mac Address.

    Thought of posting here, to see if anyone can help me with ideas on how to make the unlocking procedure more elegant and efficient (standing outside the door, waiting 5-6 seconds after the initial comm. is up is not ideal).
    -Would it be possible to 'record' the command sent from the Lock's application to be used with Tasker?
    -Perhaps 'force' the BLE to be connected while in range (I suppose this will have battery impact on both the mobile device and lock)?
    -I'm seeing an 'alpha' AutoBluetooth app, but I'm not subscribed, to be able and confirm it can force connect / intercept the BLE connection with the lock.

    I had other automation's in mind but thought I'd first see if this is something I can achieve with Tasker (one example is to purchase a Broadlink IR remote and make it replicate the IR remote I currently have for the Lock (on top of the mobile application)).

    Thank you.
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    Unfortunately you won't be able to do it with just Tasker or AutoBluetooth sorry! Maybe there's a plugin out there that allows you to do it though!
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