AutoNotification AUDIBLE notification not accessible?

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by Macca, Sep 24, 2017.

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    Hi guys and hopefully Joao
    Please find attached the photos of the notification and button I want to press in a tasker task. Screenshot_20170924-153459.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153543.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153459.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153543.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153548.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153553.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153558.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153604.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153611.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153618.jpg Screenshot_20170924-153627.jpg
    The ultimate intention is to press this notification button using a non- standard headset which is detectable by tasker. The problem has nothing to do with this though it is that the variables for this notificatio n are not filled at all.
    I have attached also screenshots of the variables that seem to be filled by auto notification after a query on this notification but none of the buttons or actions are filled even with"get detailed" option selected.
    Please help.
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    Hi. To press buttons on a notification that has a special layout like that you need to use the Notification Query action and use the internal actions :)

    Also, to get the text from it check here.
    Hope this helps!

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