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Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by totalnewbie, Jun 6, 2020.

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    Hello everybody I hope the lock down or covid and various other global issues is some how managing to find you well XXXX

    little explanation;
    I don't know how to tell you how much I am out of my depth here. But I tried to find an old app I used to use for voice control of my phone and it was much easier then! This way I had to do things like adp...on my computer...I didn't know what i was doing but I got past all that. Then I installed all these auto apps and realised that they were connected to tasker...and I found it all out backwards. I've just found TASKER: getting started video and found a few more permissions to give it and made sure auto voice had them all too. I eventually just want to wake up tasker/autovoice by saying a key word and ask it to open or read whatsapp and text messages aloud and reply to them. Google assistant doesn't do this very well. I will also use it to set scenes at home or start apps running. But I don't want to have to physically hit a button to start the process, I'd rather find some way of using google assistant/some kind of integration.
    So far I've managed to get it if
    -I say 'okay google' then google assistant wakes up,
    and I say 'tell autovoice hello' and
    -she says 'say your autovoice command now' ,
    -so i say 'hello' and then
    -she says 'here are somethings you can do offline' but at the same time i can hear -autovoice/tasker doing the event i set up where i say hello and
    -autovoice says 'hello to you too'. So it's allllmost working. I have a hot phrase on autovoice but I'm not sure how to use it.


    1. How do I activate either a task or autovoice things..with my voice? I've asked it to be continuous but i'm not sure what that means. I've got all the google now things permitted, and set up google now , but i think i've done it wrong as google assist still takes over.

    2. One of the things I've noticed it says If i ask through google assistant is that 'Autovoice left the conversation'.

    I have searched for answers about this too but not found anything works.

    So I really appreciate your thoughts on what I should try to do next - and also, any simple guides on examples to set up the voice activation.

    I x
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    Hi. Can you try going into AutoVoice > Personal Assistant > Replace Google Assistant? Does that work for you? :)

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