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    So, I have a multiple monitor setup (3 Monitors) and a Chromecast hooked into another HDMI input on my 3rd monitor

    This TV/3rd monitor is also CEC enabled, so when I chromecast a video to it, it will automatically change inputs. However, when the inputs are changed, I cannot see my 3rd monitor anymore. Enter DisplayFusion.

    If you have more than 1 monitor and haven't heard of DisplayFusion, go download it now and thank me later!

    With this app, I can use tasker to automatically change my 3 Monitor setup to a 2 monitor setup. The problem is the trigger.

    I tried something similar w/ AutoNotification intercept. Any time I'd get a notification of casting from any device to matching variable: %subtext (youtube), I could simply run a task (w/ the DisplayFusion Remote App for android), to change my monitor setup to a 2 monitor setup I previously set up.

    This works when Chromecasting from any mobile device, just not Chrome browser. I thought there was a way for AutoCast to display that information in a notification (or variables) when Chromecasting on any device. Am I wrong about this? Have I worded this request correctly. I'm finding it hard to explain what exactly I want...

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