AutoContacts Autocontacts 2.0 "Get Nearest Match" Option for voice calls

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by Karth, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Hi all,
    Firstly thanks to joaomgcd for the suite - very useful but and also great fun.

    I use Autovoice and Autocontacts for voice calls while driving via button press on my watch and I'm having an issue around Autovoice and Autocontacts 2.0 Query now.

    Previously I was using Autovoice and now deprecated Autocontacts action with the "get nearest match" option enabled so that even if Autovoice picked up an incorrect name such as "jon mags" instead of "John Nags" in my contacts, it would still identify and call the correct person.

    I'm now trying to integrated Autovoice with Autocontacts 2.0 Query as it is supposed to be faster and easier to integrate my contacts list. However once again I am running into the problem of an incorrectly spelt name which then isn't found and the task proceeds to call a random number "22686237".

    Is there a similar "get nearest match" option in query 2.0 or a task line that can achieve a match between AV and AC list? Or is there another alternative?

    I have attached below my original script, and where I'm at with my current script. I feel like the answer will be quite simple but I'm stumped. I've had a look all around, most of the AV/AC/Voice call profiles relate to the deprecated autocontacts action. Much appreciate your help/suggestions guys.

    Profile: AV Recognised- Call Contact (62)
    Event: AutoVoice Recognized [ Configuration:Command: "call (?<contact>.+) (regex)" ]
    Enter: AV Recognised, Call Contact (63)
    A1: Flash [ Text:Looking for contact %contact... Long:Off ]
    A2: AutoContacts [ Configuration:Contact Name or Nickname: %contact
    Get Nearest Match: true Timeout (Seconds):1000 ]
    A3: Flash [ Text:Found contact %acname Long:Off ]
    A4: Call [ Number:%acnumber Auto Dial:On ]

    Profile: AC2 Test (13)
    Event: AutoVoice Recognized [ Configuration:Command: "call (?<contact>.+) (regex)" ]
    Enter: AC2 Test (30)
    A1: AutoContacts Query 2.0 [ Configuration:Names: %contact
    Default Phone Number: true
    Sort Direction: Ascending
    Fields to Get: Id,Name,Nickname,Phone Number
    Joiner: =:= Timeout (Seconds):60 ]
    A2: AutoNotification [ Configuration:Status Bar Text Size: 16
    Id: %contact
    Separator: , Timeout (Seconds):20 ]
    A3: Flash [ Text:%acname()
    %acnumber() Long:Off ]
    A4: Call [ Number:%acnumber Auto Dial:On ]
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    Unfortunately because of the way Query 2.0 works, nearest match is not possible. However, if you can get the full contact names list, you can work around it by putting the full list in the AutoTools Text action and using the Best Match option there. It may not work if you have many many contacts though. Can you give it a shot?
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    Nov 24, 2018
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    I have a similar question... what about a call from a list? csv or txt maybe ?

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