AutoLaunch autolaunch won't launch app when variable used

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by RyanOC75, Feb 24, 2019.

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    I have been ablet to succussfully use autolaunch when stating the exact app name that I want to launch, however when I use a variable it doesn't produce an error in the run log in tasker, but it just won't launch. I have followed the tasker tuesday tutorial see to the T and double checked my work according to the instructions in the tutorial and its correct. I have flashed the arcomm command at the end of the task and it is receiving the correct app name, in fact I have flashed all variable values after each action to ensure the variables are populating properly and they are. Unfortunatly the guy in the tutorial can't really explain how autoremote is passing values to autolaunch so its very confusing to troubleshoot. I'm lost as I can't point to an error in the log and the contents of the variables all seem to be correct, autolaunch just doesn't want to launch it. I have attached a pic of my tasker run log on the tablet that is recieving the commands from my phone

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    Can you please export your profile's description (not xml) so I can take a look? Long-click the profile in Tasker->export description Thanks in advance

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