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    Oct 31, 2019
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    I installed Autoremote (lite version) to see what it can do and if I should consider buying the full version.
    IFTTT integration works fine and I'm able to send and receive messages via webhooks.
    However I wasn't able to integrate it with zapier: I followed this tutorial, but wasn't able to make it to work.
    I was able to register autoremote in zapier with my personal key and also to send test messages from zapier to autoremote. However, I was not able to activate the zap.
    The problem came from the step 'Find Data' in zapier. Error details in zapier when trying to activate the zap:
    There was a problem activating your Zap. -
    The app returned "Internal Server Error" with no further details. It looks like the server for your connected app is down or currently experiencing problems. Please check the app's status page or contact support if there are no reported issues. We made a request to and received (500) Internal Server Error.

    Did someone recently linked autoremote (lite) with zapier ? Did it work ?
    PS: I noticed that the interface of zapier was completely different than the one of the tutorial. It would be nice to update the tutorial ?

    Thanks in advance for your comments/help !
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