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    I am struggling to figure this out. As a starter, I'd like to just get a variable from the Pi on my network. It can be any variable...time, date, rlogic (a variable that my door program updates on door movement). Just anything that confirms that I have something going both ways.

    I am getting a variety of errors and I just can't find any "simple" task to confirm communication is happening. Is the message getting there? Is the message response not coming back?

    Does anyone have a simple task I can do just to establish communication? For the task configuration, am I using the local IP? Or is it the IPv4? Username...the one on the Pi? And it's password that I changed upon setup?
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    Yes, you should use your local IPv4 and use your username and password.
    A simple command to try is
    Code (Text):
    for example.
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