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    Nov 16, 2019
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    whenever I try to share a link from my android to a specific chrome device I got it opening a tab with an url like chrome-extension://flejfacjooompmliegamfbpjjdlhokhj/JwPShh5keG5Z1YfE/RsL1Q===:=p5hA/CfPZzFn5NqU48IMuP4Z8FfNDC4HFa9rjpNQlCZPgLKi4on7cp8cQxza+1RSERpS8l65wVMQ8se99FfDT7IivTY6z/WqdnoIXpdhAL4xMNfIzyZ3S0s18aCgdcDl5mvGcvh8m2dSQJO04fCF3ZAR7pVFnTTU+GSsdDZZwHGCl0HJ/hFiZBpQMN6mTjvM but if I share the same link to all the devices then my chrome device open a tab with the right url (in this example ).
    This should mean that my device is configured properly.

    If I'm doing something wrong I'll be glad to know what and how to solve my issue.
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