AutoInput Cannot Tell if App is Active or Forced Stopped with UI Query

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by Acadian, Apr 7, 2018.

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    I'm unable to determine if the app, AccuWeather in this example, is Active or Forced Stopped with an Autoinput UI Query on the settings screen for for the app. The screen shots for the two states are:

    upload_2018-4-6_16-2-15.png upload_2018-4-6_16-2-42.png

    The Force Stop button is blue when the app is active and dimmed when it is Forced Stopped. I do the Autoinput UI Query using the UI_Query_With_Snackbar task from the AutoApps Projects. The UI Query returns the Force Stop button as clickable regardless of the state of the app, active or stopped. Is there a way to determine if the Force Stop button is highlighted or dimmed? If that is not possible, is it possible to determine if the app ia active or stopped?

    I'm using a pixel phone running Android 8.1. Any assistance in solving this dilema will be appreciated!

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