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Discussion in 'Join' started by TBloop, Sep 15, 2019.

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    I saw a couple people saying they couldn't send images but not sure if that's related to this issue or not.

    Using the chrome extension, if I try to attach an image and send it to a phone number, it doesn't arrive. It shows up in the extension just as if I sent it, AND it even shows up on my phone and shows as sent!

    I found a workaround, where if I include any text (not a space though, but even a dot will work) it seems to go through.

    I'm using a Samsung S9+ with Android 9, using Safelink wireless (on t-mobile network). Using google messages, but also tried using default samsung messages and didn't work either (same behavior)

    Quick second question - even if I delete messages on my phone, it still shows up in extension. Any way to delete them from showing up in extension?

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    That's weird behaviour indeed! Thanks for the report!

    About your question: for now to delete SMS messages from Join you have to go into the Android app -> Settings -> SMS and Phone Calls -> Disable and re-enable the SMS service. That should get rid of deleted messages. I plan to eventually make this process automatic in the future. Hope this helps!
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