Can't Fix Chrome Extension behavior when receiving from Send File

Discussion in 'Join' started by Christopher Wilson, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Very much appreciate the help thus far, making some progress in integrating SMS with my CRM.

    I am creating and sending the file just fine (with a few small annoyances I will address elsewhere) whenever Tasker triggers it automatically based upon other events. But, whenever the file is being sent, two things happen that I don't like.

    First, a new tab is opened. I know this is standard behavior for Chrome, whenever I, say, click on a link to download a file, a new tab is opened briefly then closed, and then I see the file being downloaded in the bottom right. Is there someway to override this behavior in Join? If Chrome is already open, the screen flashing is annoying, but the problem is bigger than that. For example, if a secretary is working on a completely different application, say Microsoft Word, Join will open the Chrome browser window, even if none were open before, in order to 'download' the file. Perhaps more concerning, Chrome will be left open. That would completely freak out your average secretary, to be typing in Word, and then all of the sudden 'the internet' is doing something and Word is gone. I will get reports of viruses, or worse, and no one wants that.

    Second, when received by Join in Chrome the file is dropped into the default Downloads folder for Chrome. I know that I could change the default downloads folder, but then I still have the problem that it is in the default downloads folder. This one is more of an annoyance, but could create a concern with some users. If a user sees it, they could mess with it. There are no secrets, they already have all the information, but I just always seek to minimize accidental ways of breaking the workflow, and would prefer it to download to, say \TEMP\, or maybe \CWilsonAwesomeIncredibleAmazingCustomizedCRMv8.3\DATA\SMSFiles\DoNotTouchThese\ReallyPleaseDont\. How do I (can I) change the target directory for just Join files, in the Chrome Extension?
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    Unfortunately those are behaviours that chrome has that I can't change, sorry.

    About the file in the downloads folder, you could have a script monitoring that folder and automatically move any files from there to a different folder?
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