Open Clipboard encryption creepy behavior

Discussion in 'Join' started by RutraManntraut, Jun 23, 2020.

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    Jun 23, 2020
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    Hello Community,

    i bought join and installed it on my win10 1909 (Chrome extension), tablet and smartphone and im really statis fied, thank for that.
    Now i have observed a strange behavior of my windows clipboard and can't fix it.

    1.a Every time i copy something with ctrl+c and try to paste it by pressing ctrl+v my computer paste something like this.

    1.b OJ57+UAEkPdB7qhy9J476g===:=2fsajFaLC6wCZovgVvFrnriOIeQA+pwVSGZQ0fkQ2AlptsAasfg3Wec45GRs0vnejfet9lCcsy2KgUm0jO9yMbBRBs2ZYasdgRnCL8Kv8TdD547G0Vv2E7Y+Kbo5kMqJRldwqpG41qK/1a8S9U1wftLWPRhkWQDOsEbepHroAkgyIXXcL1KrKI=

    2.a If i do it fast enough...... i get this.

    2.b If i do it fast enough...... i get this.

    for this example i just copied the text from 1.a to 1.b
    and 2.a to 2.b

    could comeone help me?
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    Feb 3, 2015
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    Do you maybe have your encryption password set on one device but not the other?

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