Control TuneInRadio stations while cycling and listening to music

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    Hi there,
    As the title says I want to make a tasker profile such that I can switch the radio stations on the fly(while I'm cycling) even though I'm listening to another TuneIn station at that moment. The issue is: "I'm listening to some local romanian station, ex: Pro FM then I don't like that song and I want to change it to another station which is already on my profile as favourite...then again if I don't like that song either I want to switch again...I think you got my point. Right now I have 8 radio stations on my favourite list. I can put them all into an array and random them.".
    Well, I installed autoapps and bought AutoVoice. I also set AutoVoice to intercept my vocal commands in prejudice of native Google Now but I am not able to make android listen to my voice while the screen is off and especially while I already have my headphones in my ears.
    It's obvious that my screen will be off and with swipe lock pattern(I can set it to none for convenience) and I will also listen to another radio station with volume quite loud. Is there any recent way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance. Have a good day!
    ps: If TuneInRadio doesn't have any useful intents to switch between radio stations and there is already another radio player better than TuneIn I will be glad to try that also :)...I'm not sticked to TuneIn Radio although I saw an interesting intent through intent list:
    <action android:name="tunein.googlenow.actions.PLAY_RELATED_STATION"/>

    Can we use this to our advantage? :)

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