AutoVoice Customize response in assistant using variables from Tasker

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    I'm trying to set up AutoVoice/Tasker/Google Assistant so that when I'm hiking listening to a playlist of music through my BT headphones, I can ask the name of the artist/track that is currently being played.

    I already have a separate task using AutoNotification that populates variables for artist/track for several different music/podcast apps I use.

    My first attempt creates a profile in Tasker for AutoVoice Recognized event that invokes a task that uses Tasker built-in speech output to say the artist/track. The problem is that I end up with overlapping speech (Google Assistant saying "getting autovoice" and then "command sent: what song is playing", which both overlap the speech output from my Tasker task).

    I can prevent the overlapping by making a suitable delay in my task before speaking the artist/track, but then that conflicts with the music playback itself (which google assistant un-pauses as soon as AutoVoice has sent the command to Tasker).

    So I figure that I should instead get the artist/track back to Google Assistant somehow and let it do the speaking. I found that I can go into AutoVoice and create a command recognition (seems like kind of a duplication of what's in the Tasker profile event) that has a response that gets spoken, but don't know how to fill it from Tasker variables.

    Is there a right way to go about this?

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