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    I created two profiles.
    Both send to the same task that activates base on $condition and $roomlight

    One is to recognize
    Turn $condition $roomlight light|lights
    Which work well.

    Next I wanted to add
    $roomlight light|lights $condition.

    There's some conflict and the second one doesn't work. When I flash an Alert, it shows eg. Master bedroom light $condition
    When I say "master bedroom light on".
    So it seems the condition has a problem getting recognised.

    I'm trying to think how to make both work together.
    - is there some sort of filter that prevents the second one from working when it sees the word "turn" in the command? And activates the second one when it sees "turn" is not in the command?

    - is there a way to predefine the set of values a variable can take?
    Eg, $condition should be on or off only. I'm thinking this might help the command to be identified easier.
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