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Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by david-1984, Jun 30, 2018.

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    Jun 18, 2018
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    I'm am creating a tasker task to upload 2 pictures in dropbox and after it to get the shared link to send it using whatsapp (using touchless chat).

    I upload the 2 pictures using the autoweb Upload file -> it works perfectly
    I try to use the"get share link" and print in a message the %url but it worked only once yesterday. from today it show alwasy "%url" and not the real url. Do you know why? If I try to print also the %name it doesn't print it.

    I also get in the notification bar an action error: "shared linke already exists". What is this? is this the reason why it doesn't print the %url?
    How can I get alwasy the url of the file that I have uploaded?

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