Open Execute Action from Windows Command Line Chrome Join Extension

Discussion in 'Join' started by NothingUnknown, Oct 26, 2020.

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    Oct 26, 2020
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    Hi All.

    I'm looking to create a Windows BAT file for the purposes of disconnecting a bluetooth device from my phone and connecting it on Windows (and vice versa).

    The only missing piece is using a command line "command" to execute an Action I created for my phone on my PC with the Chrome Join extension installed.

    So lets say I created an action on my PC called Disconnect WH-1000XM3 which sends the command next=:=Disconnect WH-1000XM3 targeting my phone and on my phone I have all the tasker profiles and tasks to respond to it and disconnect that device from bluetooth.

    How do I call that action from a command line?


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