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    João - Once again my weekend effort with Tasker and AutoApps came to a halt after creating a cool solution for myself which I cannot share with my wife. The problem is that after copying a task to her device, I then need to install and configure the supporting plugins, and then deal with licensing. This takes all of the fun out of Tasker development because deployment is such a huge hassle.

    I completely understand why AutoApps uses IAP which isn't supported for the Family Library. I'm asking for a concrete pattern which we can use for this app, with this one developer, to use our purchases on multiple devices.

    I'm not going to re-purchase AutoApps for each device where a task uses the plugins. I'm not trying to be cheap. In fact I only have two devices (myself and wife). I'd be happy to re-purchase/re-subscribe to all of my AutoApps and Tasker just to get this issue resolved. The problem comes in if we add more devices - in the past we've had more and in the future it's more likely that there will be more.

    Consider an enhancement to AutoApps to use the AutoRemote device key: An unlicensed device with the key will send a message to the licensed device to request approval for sharing. The license can be applied the new pair of IDs. Set a maximum on the number of devices using the same key. Maybe try to get a list of members of the family library on a licensed device and ensure that only someone from that list can use AutoApps.

    I would even pay a nominal fee for license-only apps (sharable in the Family Library) that serve no purpose other than to link a single AutoApp with a licensed device.

    Maybe a better solution : Many people have been complaining to Google for a long time about lack of Family Library support for IAPs. ( "Resistance is Futile" ) You have the tools to link devices and read system settings. You have licensing mechanisms. Thus, you have the tools the create licensing mechanisms for linked devices. With Google being completely unresponsive on this, individual developers can be encouraged to add new code into their license verification, which makes use of a new AutoLicense mechanism. Users would need to purchase Tasker and AutoLicense (revenue to justify the effort). Requests from individual apps would then be made via Intent to verify that the current device is assocated with another device that is licensed to use their software. The license check just needs to be made once per month, a few times just to get a single confirmation, not on every launch. This could be industry shaking - if not simply good Marketing: "Tasker and AutoLicense now get around Google incompatibility between IAP and Family Licensing. Tools are available to all developers for all apps..." (Really, anyone could do this, I'm wondering why no one has [or maybe I missed it].)

    For our immediate purposes, perhaps this is a simpler solution.

    Go to Android Settings -> Accounts -> Remove account that didn’t purchase the IAPs from AutoApps -> purchase IAP in AutoApps -> re-add removed account - <>​

    Removing a primary account from a device is not practical. Should this work?
    1. Uninstall all of the AutoApps from my wife's phone (as a personal example).
    2. Add my Google account to her phone.
    3. Login on her phone with my account.
    4. Install the apps.
    5. ? Verify that the license is applied to the device ?
    6. Log-back over to her account.
    7. ? Hope that when a task use the plugins that there is no check for which account has licensed the plugin, but simply that the plugin has been licensed ?
    8. Remove my account from that device ? (Not 100% required but the extra account will now show up in many other places.)

    If none of that leads to a solution, then let's try to come up with something. Even a hacked solution is better than what all of us have been facing for a few years now since AutoApps started using IAPs.

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    Hi there. Just so I'm sure you know, if you add more devices but use the same accounts on those, it'll not be an issue. :)
    Will you be using different accounts on your different devices?
    And I think you'll need to keep your account on the device if you want the apps to keep their licenses.
    Sorry, the licensing process is already confusing enough as it is, I really don't want to add yet another (error-prone) layer to it by using AutoRemote licensing...

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