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Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by bryan11, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Apr 27, 2015
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    Please forgive with sounds like a very basic question here, but I've searched forums and watched youtube videos without finding a solution. I'd like to use Tasker with AutoInput start the Cisco Jabber application, fill out my username, fill out my password, and then click on the 'sign in' button.

    I've downloaded AutoInput and haven't started any trial yet. Clicking first on the 'Manage Input Actions' section, I click the '+' symbol, select the Jabber app, wait for the sign in screen to start, then press the 'down volume' button. At that point, I see something like this:
    User name: ________________
    Password: ________________
    [Sign in]

    I'm then prompted to select an element and the empty field after 'User name' is outlined in dotted green borders. If I select that empty field, the response is a point with "" as text. That doesn't seem right. I try 'User name:' and that seems better. I then see a list of my running applications and a request to select AutoInput. I do that and am prompted with 'Element Text: User name:' Accepting that doesn't paste anything in the field, so I try again. This time I start the Jabber app, fill in my username and password, then try to select the filled in username for the first element, accept that, and save it.

    Going to Tasker, I define a task to start Jabber, then use AutoInput to select the stored action to fill in the username. When use the 'play' button to try out the task, Jabber starts as expected but nothing is filled in to the username field.

    What can I do differently to help this work?
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    @bryan11 try selecting the element name in autoiput.
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    @bryan11 the "" as text makes sense, since the input field is empty :)
    I recommend you don't use Stored Actions for this situation. Simply create the action in Tasker.
    Although I'm not sure that AutoInput can write text in password protected fields.

    Let me know how it goes for you, thanks.
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